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Richard R. Truran

Note that this book wasn’t written to take the place of your Bible! Your Bible is your roadmap to get to Heaven! You will need it! Jesus Christ is the doorway that you must pass through to get into Heaven. This book, God’s Making of an Evangelist, is a instruction manual that contains much wisdom. Along with your Bible and the Lord it will help you on your journey. I find that so many young Christians and mature Christians just don’t fully understand the Word of God! God knows that we all desperately need a Christian’s scout manual. I would consider it both an honor and a privilege to allow a place for me within your heart to minister to you by reading this book. The Lord has taken me on a journey from an unrooted life of violence to a life of faith and transcendent meaning. Readers will learn how the author has made his spiritual transformation and learn practical ways that they, too, can have a more meaningful life of faith. I have taken all those little nuggets that I have gathered and then learned by over the years and have woven them into a story about my life to bless you. Through the work of the Holy Spirit, I have endeavored to bless your paths with some wisdom on love, salvation, forgiveness, holiness, the church, the Bible, sin, the tithe, the Holy Spirit, and the call that God has placed upon your life. I have made a path for you where there has been no path for me so that I may entrust the things that I have learned to bless you along your way. May you also entrust them to others in the blessings of their paths.

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