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The Author

Richard R. Truran

Richard R. Truran and his wife, Kate, both hold biblical degrees. But what is of the utmost importance to them is that they remain humble. This book, God’s Making of an Evangelist, is the first completion of the task of the writing of three books. It has been a great privilege for him to follow the leading of the Lord just to get to know the Master. The Lord has taken him on a journey from an unrooted life of violence to a life of faith and transcendent meaning. Readers will learn how the author has made his spiritual transformation and learn practical ways that they, too, can have a more meaningful life of faith.

Richard and Kate currently reside in Moyock, North Carolina. They are both ordained and licensed ministers of God. They were first ordained by God through His call and then by man. They preach a well-balanced Gospel, and they have been both blessed by God to be blessings to the Body of Christ. Kate has always served as an associate pastor, and Richard is 100% evangelist who walks in the Prophetic Office. With much prayer and fasting, his ministry is called first to place a deep strength back into the Body of Christ, God’s Church. Second, his ministry is called to lead the Body of Christ back to its original holiness and the purity of its Christian principles. Third, his ministry is called to endeavor to reach a great harvest of souls for salvation. Richard and Kate both continue to stay very active in their call. Richard is available for speaking engagements, church anniversaries, book signings, and revivals! It is always such a blessing to say of them that they are “never retired, always refired!”

They have been married for thirty-four exciting and blessed years, and they live by the standard of “each for the other, both for God!” Their hobbies include weight training, bike riding, swimming, walking, writing, and spending time with their prized European English bulldog named Tank. He is part of the family, and you can count on that!

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